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Planet Waves has be come my favorite capo of all time. Easy to use and doesn’t harm neck as some capos do.
The Shubb is well made, but it is not the best design because you have to guess on the tension needed before closing the lever. If you guess wrong you squeeze the neck possibly marking it. I’ve done it on one of my acoustics and it is a maddening mistake that you can’t take back. To some extent that was user error, but if someone who knows as much about guitars as I do makes the error then others will too and it only takes once.

With the Planet Waves NS capo you have the least amount of tension necessary to fret the strings. You start with zero tension and work your way up until there is no buzz. It never clamps down like spring and lever designs. It works more like real fingers and doesn’t go sharp. It is also much more low profile than most other designs.

Vehicle Lifts

I am trying to find vehicle lifts. I’ve got a big set of axle stands, but the jacking required to get a car onto them is downright dangerous. Had a moment the other week. Want to get some more sensible lifting organised.

The garage has an uneven floor that slopes towards the door by roughly 15mm per metre. It’s got a high roof, but the roof trusses are cheap and have a horizontal beam that would limit the lift to about 1.2m.

Had been considering a 2 post lift together with floor concrete and roof mods, but I’m moving towards a mobile scissor lift that I can store out of the way when not in use. It’s a rented workshop so probably easier not to modify it.

Got to be better than where I am at the moment. If I will experience trouble or annoyances with a newly purchased vehicle lift I will let you guys know.

Drawstring Bags

Draw string bags are quite useful when there is a need to bring some things around. The bag can be folded and kept somewhere while not in use and just taken out when there is a need to put a bunch of stuff in it. Companies or stores can also use these bags for promotional purposes. The name of the company or its logo can be printed on the bag so their name can be seen around while the bag is in use.

Mens Wedding Bands

Getting married or tying the knot is a very big decision that two people are making but it usually is a very wonderful moment when they decide to push through a wedding and promise each other that they will be together for the rest of their lives. As a symbol of their undying love, they present each other wedding bands. Men usually are the ones who offer a diamond ring to their love but the they can also get mens diamond wedding bands to complement the womens wedding band for the occasion. They will both experience a joyous occasion and keep their fidelity and love as reminded by the rings on their hands.

Deburring Tools

There are lots of things made of metal. They are pieced together or welded together to form something like cabinets, boxes and even cars. Though they are pieced together or welded together, the finished product has been made smooth and there are not much traces of the burrs or uneven cuts or humps on the edges or surface of metal that were created by a machining process. To make these parts smooth and even, a deburring tool from can be used. The tools can be used for steel, aluminum, copper and plastic.