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Removing Stuck Dowel Pins

I have suffered from these difficult dowels, especially on cylinder studs, and have tried WD40 and easy outs with limited success.  The dowels pins are delicate, and any deformation renders them useless. I recommend buying pins. They are not that expensive.  To help prevent this problem, I recommend the following. Replace any studs or dowels that show corrosion.  This is the main reason they stick.

Take a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the cylinder or case hole. Wrap a layer of 400 grit sandpaper around the tip (not the drilling end), and lightly hone the hole.  When you reassemble, pack the dowel area and stud with grease.  This will help prevent the dowel corrosion. I was at Home Depot the other day and saw a clever plumbers tool.  It slipped inside a pipe, and when turned, the splined tip “cammed out” to grip the pipe ID.  It works similar to a stud remover.  If they make one small enough, it may work well on the dowels.

Different Cigars

I’ve always wondered why there are a lot of different cigars and cigarettes in the market. For the non-smoker there may be no difference but for those who prefer some certain taste, there are certain brand of cigarettes and cigars that they buy. Sometimes there are small differences that make a smoker choose a certain product over the other. Of course you’ll have to try them in order to find out which of them would suit your taste. A lot of times, when a new taste is experienced, they are always longed for and that may be the reason smokers keep coming back for their favorite smokes from their dealers.