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Spiked Racks and Stands on Wood Floor

Do you want to use spiked racks and stands on hardwood floor, through carpet, without damaging the hardwood floor?

Basically the use of spikes is to put as high a lb/sq inch loading on as small an area as possible to minimize vibrations thru that contact area. Theoretically you do not really want the spikes to “couple” to the medium that is transmitting the vibrations. A thin piece of brass shim stock at the contact points would do, and blunting the ends of the spike a tad would stop them from piercing the shim stock and marking the floor , yet letting them still have a very high pressure loaded but small contact area. Thus making a “bottleneck” (to put it rather simply) in the vibration transmission path.

The use of spiking to stop cabinet movement because of cone movement is a bit of overkill. Considering the mass of the cabinetry vs the mass of the cone and inertial effects  etc.