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The Skin and Makeup Institute

I accompanied my friend last week to The Skin and Makeup Institute. She’d  been going there on and off for a few years. And most of her family does as well. So I had to get my spa on and fix my skin. Wow! I hit the jackpot last week. I was really impressed with the knowledge of the The Skin and Makeup Institute skin specialist and how she analyzed my skin to take care of my breakouts and pigment issues. She’s the Skin Whisperer!!

She can pretty much tell what kind of abuse you are doing to your skin just by feel and looking thru her lamp. My skin was a wreck!  But she didn’t make me feel bad about it. I have been abusing my skin lately so it needed a lot of work. She educated me about what type of treatments would help as well as products and nutrition. She practices Holistic Skincare which is a new one for me. But now I see how important my internal health is to get my  skin in shape.

-Environment was clean and refreshing, everything was beautifully decorated.
-The best thing was their very comfortable bed! That alone was worth it!
-The skin specialist was amazing, she took the time to know my needs and concerns. Since I had just come off of a long 12 hour shift at work she offered to also massage my feet; one thing I appreciated was after she massaged my feet she washed her hands and continued with my facial (yes! a place where I know sanitation is important!) Throughout the facial she educated me about my skin type and products that would work best; it was very interesting! You can tell that she is very passionate about what she does and cares for her client’s well being.

She recommended some healthy digestive herbs (which I could get there) and She did what she calls “The Kitchen Sink” skin treatment. She used enzymes and ultrasound for exfoliation as well as dermal filing. Dermal-files are like microdermabrasion but much more effective and nicer on my sensitive skin. She also did a hydrating Guinot treatment with theses rollers that felt amazing and smelled wonderful.
I left with my skin glowing and it hasn’t felt this great in years! I picked up a few of my Guinot favorite products and a few DMK things to treat my acne and pigment. DMK comes in reasonably priced travel sizes so you don’t have to make a huge investment to try them. So far I love the DMK she recommended.

The Skin and Makeup Institute also teaches and trains students. Being in the aesthetics industry is a very rewarding career! It’s a popular profession for skin care enthusiasts wanting to work in a field that they love. I know this was the case for another friend, a few years ago when she attended The Skin and Makeup Institute. Being the only private aesthetics program in Arizona where students get real, hands on training to become professional makeup artists. After students complete the first 600 hour course they can take additional education courses in aesthetics or receive training in day spa services.

My friend is very proud of her education. They always had clients to work on for a few months, and when she left she was very comfortable taking new clients and letting her current clients know where she would be working.

All you can hope is to find an excellent school where you feel comfortable and well-educated (with plenty of experience, of course). This is the best way to find a job you love as much as your education.