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IBD from Accutane

There have been studies that show accutane being a cause of inflammatory bowel disease. IBD causes the inflammation of the digestive tract and ulcers which causes pain, bleeding, frequent bowel movements and diarrhea. It is a real inconvenience to have this injury which is why there have been lawsuits against manufacturers of products using accutane. People who suspect they have injuries caused by accutane consult professionals for a possible Accutane lawsuit. The effects of accutane can be really severe and can be costly. A person will not be able to work or do daily activities because of pain. Compensation for past and future medical expenses and for the suffering caused by the product would really help the people who have been affected by these products.


Have you ever heard of a diseased that almost like lung cancer? They say it attacks the surrounding the tissue that are around the lungs. So some would mistake it for lung cancer but it only attacks the pleural or the tissues around the lungs. It’s called mesothelioma. It is caused by asbestos exposure. Those who work daily with asbestos are the ones who really should be careful about this. If they have to be exposed to it almost everyday, protective gear should be used to lessen the possibility of getting the disease. Insulators and electricians should be careful about this, even construction workers may be affected especially when they are doing maintenance or remodelling of a building or road.