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Elder Care Portland

I just thought I would post some information for people who have older parents to care for. I think the elderly people need more of our company. They have contributed all their life to ourselves and the society, they should be well cared! My mom has set a good example for me, she takes good care of my grandparents. My cousins too are a good example. When their parents asked them if they can get home care for them and for their grandmother, right away, they searched online for the best home care in Portland.

My cousins were able to find Elder Care Portland company for their parents and grandmother in greater Portland area. They said that they are happy with their service. At Your Home Care, LLC has been caring for clients for over thirteen years in their homes. They have been using At Your Home Care, LLC for about 2 years, 24/7. It was quite pricey but a godsend since my cousins are 1000 miles away from their parents and grandmother, and they needed the care longterm.  They also help the elders on how to use the internet, and how to email photos to family members. Many elders are barely computer literate, but know they’re not using them efficiently or correctly. The elderly also tend to dislike nursing homes. My great-grandmother lived till 84 or so, unable to walk or do daily activities, without ever being in a home and preferred her caretaker over a nursing home.

The older people are not only a treasury of experience, custom, living culture of this world, but also a glue to connect family member/the next generation. Imagine that once your grandparents passed away, the home-away members who are residing in another places would rarely come home to visit you and your parents. We have to be filial! Everyone can be old, so try your best to take care of the elderly people! Spend your weekend with them, listen to them, chat your life story with them…If you are not by their side, call them as often as you can, also don’t forget to go home and visit them!



Medical Alert Companies

All of us grows old as our chronological age increases year after year. As we age, our bodies and metabolism change which heightens our awareness to focus more on our health, well being, and safety. Aging need not be a strenuous stage of our lives as we can still remain engaged with life by keeping a healthy and safe lifestyle.

We all know that a good diet can slow down the aging process accompanied by a meaningful physical activity, we can remain in peak physical and mental health even at the onset of aging. In addition to this, we can take precautionary measures to protect ourselves or our senior loved ones by utilizing safety tools from Medical Alert Companies. This is especially helpful for elders who are living alone or are alone for long periods of time throughout the day. With just a press on the emergency alert button, an elderly or even anyone left alone in the house can alert the medical assistance to come in your location. This will also be very beneficial for seniors who suffer from medical condition that require immediate medical help like heart conditions, strokes, seizures, etc. This is a great way to protect your loved one and your house to make it a safer place to live. You can choose one that is not too complicated to use or even request how you would like to wear the alarm button whether on your wrist, around your neck, or on a belt clip.

Diapers for Adults

When we see adult diapers in stores, we often think about old people who have disabilities or with medical conditions concerning bladder and bowel control. But there are also adults that use an adult diaper during work or if they are required to do something for several hours without toilet breaks. Though some people are able to hold it for several hours, those who cannot may have complications with their health if they continue to hold it in.

Arizona Senior Living

What’s better offered to your Grandma, Grandpa, or later on, your Mama and Papa than the love, life, warmth, care, safety and peace of mind? Find it nowhere else but in arizona retirement homes. With old age comes wisdom and the arising health concerns for our loved ones. We want them to be in the best settlement, given utmost care and attention. With a 24-Hour awake staff, you are rest assured of the following services for your family: Diabetic & Oxygen Care, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care, Incontinence & Catheter Care, Hospice, Respite & Day Care, Medication Monitoring, Dispensing & Storage.

Welcome that positive energy around with arizona senior living for a well-maintained health with all the amenities that can make them feel better. Your loved ones can enjoy personalized services and make them feel like home with the Designer Decorated Homes set in Beautiful Neighborhoods, and several Private & Semi-Private Suites you could choose from. And yes, they can flick through the channels as much as they want to and take control of the TV as all rooms are equipped with a cable TV.

On top of this, every single day they are dealt with by experienced, loving & Longterm Certified Caregivers to cater them with Home Cooked American Cuisine and tailored diets for special needs. We have Home Visiting Physicians, Podiatrists, and Beauticians to regularly check on them. So, no worries! They could certainly enjoy az senior living at its best.

Joint Pains

As we grow older or when we reach a certain age, we begin to feel some muscle and joint pains. I guess it’s just part of being old but it also stops us from doing physical work. People who experience joint pains are greatly affected by it and results in slower movement. Even exercise becomes a pain. But if the need arises that we should be able to ignore the pain or if we want to stop it so we can enjoy time with our loved ones, there are some medicines that would give joint pain relief. If no pain is felt, it would be easier to move and do whatever you need to do without worrying that you will be stopped by your joints.

The Benefits of Ionized Water

Jupiter Venus JP107 Water IonizerBeing aware of the importance of a healthy diet and exercise is necessary and to look and feel good, we have to eat adequate amounts of the proper foods and engage in a meanigful physical activity. While it is all right to occasionaly alow yourself a take-out or some other snack food, it’s very important to build up good eating habits and to learn which foods and drinks are beneficial and which can have damaging effects on the body.

Remeber the old adage, cleanliness is next to godliness? In working your way to a healthier you, remember that cleanliness is vital, both in the inside and outside of your body. Water benefits almost every aspect of your life and is necessary for the very survival of human beings. Ionized water  has been proven as an effective antioxidant. KYK water ionizers can be very helpful in maximizing the benefits of drinking ionized water. Ionized water makes you feel nourished, more agile and graceful, more energetic and better-looking. The benefits are indeed countless. And this can be achieved by using a tool like the KYK Genesis. Adopting a healthier lifestyle and drinking ionized water can indeed be more cost-effective than medication.

The Wonders of Fish Oil

fish-oil-benefitsDid you know that fish oil may help fight air pollution-linked changes in heart function? Pollution exposure can affect heart rate variability, a measure of the autonomic nervous system’s regulation of the heart. Heart rate variability is an independent risk factor for heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias), heart attack and sudden death.

A study in the December issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has found that a daily 2-gram fish oil supplement taken for 6 months prevented a decline in heart rate variability in 26 elderly people aged 81 to 83.

Research says that fish oil supplementation prevented the reduction in heart rate variability associated with the same-day exposure to indoor particulate matter.