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Zoom Q2HD

Zoom Q2HDThe video is ok  but the sound quality is pretty nice. I bought mainly for you tube clips for my nephew he is getting killer on the bass. I have recorded a few concerts with it and sounds pretty killer and is easier to control the clipping I thought than the Q3. Most of my YouTube clips are recorded with the Zoom Q2HD video. I find the Q2HD just so easy to use, and I use it more often. The Zoom video recorded is great for recording kids’ school performances. I got my classic zoom q2hd at Musicians Friend.

MXR 10 Band EQ

MXR 10 band eqThe MXR 10 band eq is a great pedal and the MXR does not run on batteries, it is 18v and you have to consider that when you setup.

Lots of gain, great adjustability in the lows/ low mids. I like the mxr 10 band eq at musicians friend than my other equalizers better for this reason, more adjustability, easier to pinpoint a certain freq, or raise/lower  a “shelf”.

It is real good at adjusting your normal setup for diff rooms, but I can do that with my pre-amp.

Again Great pedal, one of the nicest EQ pdals I’ve used.


Cheap Luna Guitars

I’ve had the opportunity to play 2 of the Luna models, have recorded with them, and they are very fine guitars. (Fauna Phoenix, and Fauna Dolphin). One of the things about these guitars is they are designed for the female player.

The Luna Phoenix was my favorite of the 2, and has great onboard electronics that recorded very well. The inlay on this guitar is hard to find on guitars costing several hundreds more, and the fit and finish was right on. Here are some cheap luna guitars available on the net.

Iolo Software Products

iolo software products have earned multiple Editor’s Choice awards and top reviews, including recognition from PC World, Laptop Magazine, PC Magazine, ZDNet, and CNet. iolo’s products are available for purchase through leading retailers across the United States, Canada, and the UK, including Amazon US and UK, Best Buy, BJ’s, CompUSA, US, Costco Canada, QVC UK, Fry’s Electronics, Future Shop, London Drugs, Micro Center, Office Depot US and Canada, OfficeMax, and Wal-Mart. They are also available worldwide via Internet ESD at, mail order, resellers, VARs, and other global outlets.


Acoustic Performance

Hearing someone sing and play the guitar can help us stop and forget our worries for a while especially if the singer is good. There is quite a difference hearing their performance live and quite relaxing if acoustic versions of the songs are played. We can hear clearly the tunes they create when they hit the strings of their acoustic guitars like the dean guitars at guitar center and follow their beat. The soothing sound they create lasts even after they are done with their performance.


When different instruments are used by bands, they try to set the volume level of each instrument to match the others so that each of them can be heard. A lot of times, even the sound from the microphone are adjusted. A lot of professionals use mixers to easily adjust the sound. It can be really helpful when the band is already playing and individual sound cannot be adjusted. A person monitoring the actual output can adjust it through a mixer. There are different mixers that can be used like the Behringer DJ Mixers at Musicians Friend. The sound can be balanced easily and other sounds can also be mixed.

Contactless Cards

Radio Frequency ID chips are becoming more and more used in the community. There are contactless cards like credit cards or debit cards that use RFIDs so transactions are faster because people don’t need to swipe the cards. When the sensor detects the card even in the bag, their purchases can be paid for automatically or the transaction can be done. Tollways can use the contactless cards so people don’t need to pay at the toll gates but pay for the account on a monthly basis. No need to look for change everytime they pass the toll gate. Even regular IDs or badges can have RFIDs to allow them passage to a restricted area or to allow employees to enter their designated offices or buildings.


A lot of gadgets rely on batteries to work. There are also lots of baby and kids toys that uses batteries. Sometimes we find ourselves buying batteries often because they just love using these toys a lot. To keep from going on a trip to the store often, a lot of people use rechargeable batteries instead. The new rechargeable batteries that are out in the market are not only rechargeable a lot more times but are also recyclable and environment friendly. There are Sanyo eneloop batteries here for those who are looking for new recyclable batteries.

Combo Amp

Whatever type of music we may like we still would like clear and crisp sound coming from the speakers. It is really preferred by those who like Jazz and Country music. The clear and clean sounds coming from the amplifier like the Fender Amps can really make listening enjoyable and playing the guitar fun. The combo amp can deliver smooth treble and higher power handling. It is something to be experienced for listening pleasure.

Power Conditioner

There are amplifiers that are used for different instruments. There are also those meant only for microphones and some other devices like CD or MP3 players. But when there is a bigger venue, the amplifiers need to draw enough power for it to perform at its peak. Something like a Furman power conditioner will be needed in order for it to get the needed amps or current for maximum efficiency. Power conditioners not only supply more power to amplifiers but also filters the noise that may come from the line to give better quality and clear sound.