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Carrera Watch Collection

As a bit of a intro, I am a 22 year old male that has just graduated college. I have been dreaming of getting my first automatic luxury watch for a long time now, but never had the means to. I recently got my first real job as an engineer and have decided to buy a watch with my sign-on bonus ($6500 > $4800 after tax approx). After wanting a rolex explorer for a long time, I decided to look at other watch brands. I have been looking for a year now at many different brands and AD’s and found a excellent deal on a brand new Tag Heuer Carrera Day-Date that really struck my eye. 

Carrera Day Date

I like the look of this watch because I am a big fan of motor racing. I also got it at a very reasonable price of $3000 shipped new when it usually retails for $4400+7% sales tax. I have also never seen this particular model in outlets in NY, FL, etc. I think it is the best looking Tag Heuer by far. I plan to wear this every day to work in a corporate environment with a shirt and tie. That being said I am not a huge fan of Tag Heuers; always thought they were all marketing- but after reading Steve Jobs book recently, and owning every iphone yet, and a Macbook I can say that some very good products are also marketed very well. I prefer the vintage Heuers more such as this one Jack Heuer 80th and the only thing keeping me from this Carrera 1887 300 SLR is that brown/orange isn’t a good choice to wear daily. This is the start of my collection and don’t want anything too expensive to wear everyday. I want to have a Carrera watch collection. My next watch will be Men’s TAG Heuer CARRERA Heritage Automatic Watch.


Zoom Q2HD

Zoom Q2HDThe video is ok  but the sound quality is pretty nice. I bought mainly for you tube clips for my nephew he is getting killer on the bass. I have recorded a few concerts with it and sounds pretty killer and is easier to control the clipping I thought than the Q3. Most of my YouTube clips are recorded with the Zoom Q2HD video. I find the Q2HD just so easy to use, and I use it more often. The Zoom video recorded is great for recording kids’ school performances. I got my classic zoom q2hd at Musicians Friend.

Acoustic Bass Case

gl bassGator makes a nice cross between a gig bag and a hard case called GL-BASS case. You can get them for less than 140 bucks and they are really sturdy and great for storing instruments under beds and in closets etc. They offer much better support than your typical gig bag. Investing in a Bass Guitar Cases is good idea if you’ll be gigging/practicing in other places, for moving all your stuff between home and school, and for just giving you some peace of mind.

Stabilizing Orthotics

I did the Foot Levelers orthotics thing some years back. I still have them and have used them constantly with complete satisfaction. They are a great combination of matching paperweights and conversation starters. I put them right up there with Popiel’s Pocket Fisherman (although I hear you can really catch fish with the PF. They fit in any of my shoes, running, cycling, walking, sleeping, you name it. They also did work fairly well in my ski boots.

The money that  you will spend is worth it, because it is cheaper than surgery, and less painful than the injections ,which didn’t help. The stabilizing orthotics did help me. They were not uncomfortable and I hardly knew they were in my shoes. They do raise the foot at the heel ,but it caused no problem for me.

I tried every sort of expensive and inexpensive shoe that was available at the time, some with significant padding that included gel, air, or liquid under the forefoot *and* the heel areas. Basically there was no difference. If you’re going for an insole rather than a custom orthotic the best one around is made by Foot Levelers. They make special inserts for different shoes and different sports.  I use their Casual Intense Comfort in my casual shoes.

I would also not be able to race and  train without my stabilizing orthotics.  I train and race with my orthotics and have no problem with them sliding around once my foot becomes accustomed to them. With the heel cupped firmly, and the shoe laced and pulled up tight, my foot stays firmly in the stabilizing orthotics and the orthotic rides with my heel. They  are tremendously useful and highly recommend them.



Dance Recital Gifts

Here are some dance recital gifts ideas if you are looking to give a dance recital gift to a family member or a friend.

– A gift certificate to her/his favorite store or restaurant

-A bouquet of flowers

– A box of her/his favorite chocolate

– A book (if she/he likes reading)

– A necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings

Of course, if you want to get her/him a dance-related item, you could order a unique dance recital gifts and tell her on the day of the recital, “I got you a gift, and it hasn’t shipped yet. I’ll get it to you soon!”

Protec Cases

When my friend got his Alto, he also looked at the protec cases at Guitar Center. He got the most wonderful case for his Alto.  It has very plush, thick fabric all over the inside,  much plusher and thicker than the felt in other cases I have seen.  The “fur” is about 1″ deep if you draw it out, and the horn sinks into it..

The case is not totally open and empty inside with a notch for the end of the horn to fit into and a small partition for stuff like most cases.  You open the case and the surface that the fabric is on is flush with the opening of the case.  There is a part where the shape of a saxophone has been indented into it, which holds the horn snugly on all sides, but underneath the thick furry soft stuff it is not hard.  It has an amount of give or springiness that almost feels like that padding that you put underneath carpet.  Of course, if you push hard enough you will hit something underneath.  It almost feels like it was carved out of a solid piece of wood, but it’s way too light.

Different Cigars

I’ve always wondered why there are a lot of different cigars and cigarettes in the market. For the non-smoker there may be no difference but for those who prefer some certain taste, there are certain brand of cigarettes and cigars that they buy. Sometimes there are small differences that make a smoker choose a certain product over the other. Of course you’ll have to try them in order to find out which of them would suit your taste. A lot of times, when a new taste is experienced, they are always longed for and that may be the reason smokers keep coming back for their favorite smokes from their dealers.

Drawstring Bags

Draw string bags are quite useful when there is a need to bring some things around. The bag can be folded and kept somewhere while not in use and just taken out when there is a need to put a bunch of stuff in it. Companies or stores can also use these bags for promotional purposes. The name of the company or its logo can be printed on the bag so their name can be seen around while the bag is in use.

Wanting a Guitar

Sometimes, there are certain guitars that people want to buy and own. They look for a certain brand like top les paul guitars because they like the style and the sound it makes when they are playing their music. It would be a perfect gift for someone look for a special guitar but has not bought or found it yet. It would be certain that they would be playing that guitar right after he or she receives it.

Clarinet Bags

We don’t often see people playing the clarinet. They are mostly just seen in orchestras or in concerts that feature them. But there are people who play and love that instrument that they take good care of them especially when they carry their instruments around. A great idea for a gift to someone who plays a clarinet is a marvelous clarinet bag at WWBW. The bag is designed for a clarinet and would also protect it from rain and moisture. The person will be able to bring the instrument anywhere without worrying about it getting wet from rain or when it is too cold.