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Stabilizing Orthotics

I did the Foot Levelers orthotics thing some years back. I still have them and have used them constantly with complete satisfaction. They are a great combination of matching paperweights and conversation starters. I put them right up there with Popiel’s Pocket Fisherman (although I hear you can really catch fish with the PF. They fit in any of my shoes, running, cycling, walking, sleeping, you name it. They also did work fairly well in my ski boots.

The money that  you will spend is worth it, because it is cheaper than surgery, and less painful than the injections ,which didn’t help. The stabilizing orthotics did help me. They were not uncomfortable and I hardly knew they were in my shoes. They do raise the foot at the heel ,but it caused no problem for me.

I tried every sort of expensive and inexpensive shoe that was available at the time, some with significant padding that included gel, air, or liquid under the forefoot *and* the heel areas. Basically there was no difference. If you’re going for an insole rather than a custom orthotic the best one around is made by Foot Levelers. They make special inserts for different shoes and different sports.  I use their Casual Intense Comfort in my casual shoes.

I would also not be able to race and  train without my stabilizing orthotics.  I train and race with my orthotics and have no problem with them sliding around once my foot becomes accustomed to them. With the heel cupped firmly, and the shoe laced and pulled up tight, my foot stays firmly in the stabilizing orthotics and the orthotic rides with my heel. They  are tremendously useful and highly recommend them.



Kids Basketball

Kids always seem to have lots of energy. They always love to play and are always active in their own way. It would be better to get your child into sports like basketball or volleyball. It would help them with their exercise, concentration and also promote camaraderie among the players. It would be nice if they are also able to compete and win their own basketball trophy. It would give them something to work for and learn a lot of things like teamwork along the way.

Cool and Green

Having plants around the house can make the surroundings cool even on a hot sunny day. It feels like you can just rest somewhere with shade and feel comfortable especially when there is a soft breeze. Even the inside of the house can be green with plants that provide clean air for the people inside. Planters can be used to keep the plants organized and easy to manage. It can be placed on one side of the room, beside the staircase or outside on the porch. There are different planters at that may be suitable for your home. The different designs can be perfect for making the house look and feel cool.

Water for Health

We all depend on water. Without it we become dehydrated and get weak or tire easily. It’s important for our body to intake water because our body uses it to flush out toxins from our organs, provide nutrients to our cells and moisten tissues like the ones on the ears and throat. We usually hear about drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. It does not necessarily mean water, any type of fluid can add to our total daily intake.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Taking care of our health is one of our priorities but there are lots of times that we forget about exercise and do different activities. There are also people who try to take care of themselves but end up doing too much. Doctors prescribe drugs to get us back to health but somehow there are those who end up with prescription drug abuse addiction. There may have been some kind of problem the person was facing or some situation where the person thinks the drugs are still needed but whatever it is it has to be cured. Professional help is needed to cure the addiction and also help take care or get over the cause. It would help straighten out the person’s life and get back on track.

Playing the Wii

Gaming consoles provide much fun and entertainment. If you are a bit into physical workouts aside from games, you may want to use the Wii to interact with the game. The Wii remotes have motion sensors that allow you to use gestures and movements in a game. It’s like playing baseball with the Wii remote used as a bat. There are also fitness and dance games for those who love to dance or just want to exercise at home. It’s having fun while keeping fit at home.

E Cigarettes

There are a lot of people who love smoking even though there have been a lot of warnings regarding its effects on one’s health. There are also those who are having a hard time quitting though they try so hard to. To help smokers quit and to decrease the risk of health problems, the electronic cigarette was created. It simulates the taste and feel of a real cigarette but without the harmful chemicals and bad odor that it has. It is an alternative to smoking the real thing while reducing the negative effects that a real cigarette has.

The e cigarette is a substitute to a real cigarette.  It looks like a regular cigarette but it produces an aerosol mist or vapor instead of smoke. The vapor provides the same sensation regular smoke has. It can also be tailored to ones preference or taste. It is reusable and has refill cartridges with different flavors to suit the taste of the smoker. The electric cigarette is a good alternative to the real thing. It does not come with the cancerous agents a regular cigarette has. It can also help the environment with less cigarette butts being thrown after each smoke.

Try Jogging

Lately it’s been too busy in the office that I tend to forget that I still have to do some things to help myself keep fit and healthy. We’re not really getting any younger and I suppose there will come a time that the body will feel tired and lazy most of the time. I used to be able to get up in the morning and just stay alert but lately it seems like I’m still tired at the office. One thing I know that I lack right now is exercise. A short distance walk to the office everyday might do the trick. It may be better to go jogging once or twice a week to help burn fat and get the blood flowing. It will also increase the body’s endurance bit by bit.

Jungle Gyms

There are parks and some public places where there are playgrounds for children. The playgrounds have their own swings and slides like the Connecticut jungle gyms. They provide a place where children can enjoy and at the same time exercise their bodies through play. It can also be a place where they meet other children and make friends. It’s a fun place to be especially when the child loves active play and meeting others. It also helps in becoming socially active not just physically active.


There are people who practice yoga. They learn with other people and are able to relax their minds and bodies. For them it’s an exercise that does not only affect the body but also the mind. It’s a great stress reliever meditating on the yoga mats to achieve a tranquil state of mind. It also improves health through physical exercise. Yoga is done by others as therapy for stress and body pains.