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Spiked Racks and Stands on Wood Floor

Do you want to use spiked racks and stands on hardwood floor, through carpet, without damaging the hardwood floor?

Basically the use of spikes is to put as high a lb/sq inch loading on as small an area as possible to minimize vibrations thru that contact area. Theoretically you do not really want the spikes to “couple” to the medium that is transmitting the vibrations. A thin piece of brass shim stock at the contact points would do, and blunting the ends of the spike a tad would stop them from piercing the shim stock and marking the floor , yet letting them still have a very high pressure loaded but small contact area. Thus making a “bottleneck” (to put it rather simply) in the vibration transmission path.

The use of spiking to stop cabinet movement because of cone movement is a bit of overkill. Considering the mass of the cabinetry vs the mass of the cone and inertial effects  etc.

Wall Decor

Sometimes we just like things decorating our walls. There are rooms in the house or office that have wall plaques with quotes or pictures. The pictures may be of family or even paintings. Some will put their diplomas or certificates especially if it is where they do work or transactions. It inspires me when I see my diplomas and/or certificates in my workplace. It also make things more pleasant or formal instead of having to look at just a plain wall everyday.

TV Lift Cabinet

There are different racks and stands that can be used with the TV, home theater system, Blu-ray player and other electronic devices. But there are also those who want their TV to be hidden when not in use. There are TV lift cabinets that have this feature where the TV can be hiddin in the cabinet when the user does not want it seen. The TV can be lifted up again when the TV is going to be used.

Tub and Bath

We spend a lot of time getting ourselves clean and groomed Some even spend a couple of hours in the bathroom and enjoy a nice hot bath. Some bathrooms use modern tubs and toilets but some prefer vintage tub & bath. They like the classic style of tubs and the feel of being in an old style bathroom. They also like the quality of the older tubs and the satisfaction they get whenever they use the bath.

Wall Fountains

When we see running water from a fountain or stream it makes us somehow feel more serene. It feels we can easily relax and forget our cares even for a little while. There are hotels and residences that have their own wall fountain at the entrance adding to that refreshing ambience when the establishment is entered. The fountains also make the area cooler which is what we are looking for in this hot weather.

Outdoor Fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace can give soothing heat in the evenings or in cold weather. You are able to stay outside of the house and enjoy the morning air without feeling too cold. It also gives some heat while playing or having a chat with friends in the evening. There are different outdoor fireplaces with different designs that may be perfect for the pool or the patio. It can create a romantic ambience while providing some light around the place.

Cordless Tools

There are many carpenters and workers who use cordless tools in their work. It is more convenient for them to be using cordless tools to drill holes or drive screws and bolts. Before, corded tools were used and a lot of extension cords were used with them. It’s not so easy when you have to go up the ceiling or roof just to drill a hole or put a screw in it. Having some freedom bringing the tool everywhere it is needed consumes less time and effort. The usual equipment used are Bosch cordless tools because of its reliability and the way it makes work easier.

House Plaque

There are lots of designs we plan when it comes to our own house. We sometimes like a certain color, some lights, planters and of course the house plaque. We sometimes would like to improve the looks of the house and add some things that make it feel better. From the inside we add furniture like sofas, tables, chandeliers to the outside where even the path going to the house is lined with flowers. We try not to forget the house number which is like its name tag. The house number is a marking of its address which helps other people find the right building or structure.

Cool and Green

Having plants around the house can make the surroundings cool even on a hot sunny day. It feels like you can just rest somewhere with shade and feel comfortable especially when there is a soft breeze. Even the inside of the house can be green with plants that provide clean air for the people inside. Planters can be used to keep the plants organized and easy to manage. It can be placed on one side of the room, beside the staircase or outside on the porch. There are different planters at that may be suitable for your home. The different designs can be perfect for making the house look and feel cool.

Buying Essentials

There are some essential things that we buy to help us with our daily lives. Things like clothing, furniture and appliances are what we buy for ourselves and our homes. With the continuing problems in our economy, discounts and sale items are preferred by buyers. There are also KMart coupons that offer big discounts on items that a lot of people need. Appliances like the microwave oven may be a bit expensive but with discount coupons that take a bit of the price off will allow a lot more buyers that are in need of the oven to get themselves one.