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Carrera Watch Collection

As a bit of a intro, I am a 22 year old male that has just graduated college. I have been dreaming of getting my first automatic luxury watch for a long time now, but never had the means to. I recently got my first real job as an engineer and have decided to buy a watch with my sign-on bonus ($6500 > $4800 after tax approx). After wanting a rolex explorer for a long time, I decided to look at other watch brands. I have been looking for a year now at many different brands and AD’s and found a excellent deal on a brand new Tag Heuer Carrera Day-Date that really struck my eye. 

Carrera Day Date

I like the look of this watch because I am a big fan of motor racing. I also got it at a very reasonable price of $3000 shipped new when it usually retails for $4400+7% sales tax. I have also never seen this particular model in outlets in NY, FL, etc. I think it is the best looking Tag Heuer by far. I plan to wear this every day to work in a corporate environment with a shirt and tie. That being said I am not a huge fan of Tag Heuers; always thought they were all marketing- but after reading Steve Jobs book recently, and owning every iphone yet, and a Macbook I can say that some very good products are also marketed very well. I prefer the vintage Heuers more such as this one Jack Heuer 80th and the only thing keeping me from this Carrera 1887 300 SLR is that brown/orange isn’t a good choice to wear daily. This is the start of my collection and don’t want anything too expensive to wear everyday. I want to have a Carrera watch collection. My next watch will be Men’s TAG Heuer CARRERA Heritage Automatic Watch.


Invest in Annuity

We all would like to invest in something that will be beneficial later. We like to make sure that after our retirement we still have some kind of savings or some way to still earn or get cash. Some invest in stocks and in companies until they are sure they have a  certain amount saved up. There is also annuity where a steady income can be received during retirement. Visit for some of the different rates and quotes for annuity.

Investing in Gold Bars

We’re facing hard times and a lot of us are trying to get some other way to earn money. There are those who try selling products for additional income. Some have part-time jobs and others go for investments. Investing in something like stocks or in products can bring in some extra cash. There are also those who invest in gold bars which is quite a good way to keep something of value and let it increase its value until the time comes when it is needed. It may be time to look for an investment or to buy gold bars online from Golden Eagle.

Cordless Tools

There are many carpenters and workers who use cordless tools in their work. It is more convenient for them to be using cordless tools to drill holes or drive screws and bolts. Before, corded tools were used and a lot of extension cords were used with them. It’s not so easy when you have to go up the ceiling or roof just to drill a hole or put a screw in it. Having some freedom bringing the tool everywhere it is needed consumes less time and effort. The usual equipment used are Bosch cordless tools because of its reliability and the way it makes work easier.

Audio Conferencing

Communication between colleagues, business partners and other co-workers is important especially when a deal is being done where services or products should be ready and answers given to customers should be up to date. It is better to have some kind of communication with those who are handling key services to give a frontliner the edge when doing a sale or closing a deal. There may be times when there is a need to hold meetings even when not all of the personnel concerned is present at the office. He or she can be present through video or audio conferencing service. People at the office can give the person in the field an update of what is being done in the office and if there are things that are not available or cannot be used. With the right information, the person in the field can make the right decisions and even consult with the manager or supervisor while checking on the availability of the products and services.

Morgan Dollar

There are people who have their own coin collection. They have different kinds of coins that dates from several decades to century old coins. They have Morgan dollars, Bust dollars and Peace dollars that have been released in different times. A collectors item coin can be a perfect gift for someone who collects them. If a certain type like the Morgan dollar is what the person is looking for, there is the Morgan dollar price guide that can help with the purchase. The person will be happy with the gift especially when he receives a coin he doesn’t have yet.