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Dublin Ohio Dentists

I promised that I’d wait to write my very first review for an amazing, incredible, holy-crap-that-was-good experience… who would have thought that would happen at a dentist office?

Admittedly, I’m one of those people who is deathly scared of the dentist, mainly because I’m always certain I’ll show up with a mess for a mouth and get that inevitable, secretly chastising look of pure shame from the dentist.  You know it when you see it, and it’s not pretty.

Needless to say, I was scared (borderline petrified) to go to the dublin ohio dentists today which means I was jaw-on-the-ground shocked the minute I arrived.  The front receptionist did something so very few, if any, greeters do these days — she looked me in the eye, introduced herself, and…wait for it…shook my hand.  Like literally reached out, grabbed my hand, and shook it in a friendly, professional and caring manner.  She then offered me water to sip on while I filled out those forms they always make you fill out and the dental assistant was waiting nearby to take me through one of the cleanest dental offices I’ve ever seen.

dublin ohio dentist

When I finally saw the dentist, she was normal.  Not mean, not scary, not even slightly chastising… she was nice, she asked me in a curious (not “oh geez, what am I going to have to fix”) way about past work on my teeth and was entirely human.  Her bedside manner was top-notch which is something I don’t find often in dentists.

I went in for a teeth whitening service and it was easy, quick and done with careful attention and precision.  My teeth are already shades-on-shades whiter which is always a fun way to leave the dentist.

When you go, don’t get turned off by the random location, it’s a mini oasis once you get inside…

dublin ohio dentist

Reid Supply

reid_knobshandleshandwheelsI have an old beater Sears Craftsman (King Sealy) drill press that a  friend wants to use. Unfortunately it does not have handles. So I am looking for two or three drill press handles.

Any handles will probably do as the press had a home-made big steel hub  to fasten the handles to. I looked at speed handles for mill vises, but  at 4″ long they were a little short.

I searched online for the parts that I need. This site that has wide array of knobs, handle,s hand wheels, etc..  I also ordered some of the parts that I need for my other equipments and pieces of furniture. Great service and easy transaction. I recommend them for easy sourcing of knobs, handles, hand wheels, clamps, tooling components, fasteners, hardware and much more.

Hair Transplant New Jersey

If you want good services related to hair transplant you can try out Hughes Center. They are experienced and very popular. They have centers in  based in New Jersey and  Philadelphia. You could look up their website online, it gives more info regarding the treatments offered.

For Hair Transplant New Jersey,  try contacting them (Hughes Center). Their hair technicians are very accomplished in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants. Hughes Center do excellent work and have long reputations in this field. If you are close to their New Jersey clinic, you can set-up a time to meet with Dr. Susan M, Hughes and see more examples of her combined work over your lunch hour.Their Hair Transplant Philadelphia also have very good and most trained hair technicians in the field employed by the Neograft company.

Most people routinely lose between 70 and 150 hairs from their scalp each day, mainly through washing, brushing, and combing. Scalp hair starts to thin when more hairs are lost through normal shedding than the scalp is able to renew. About 40% of the density of scalp hair has to be lost before thinning of the hair becomes noticeable.

People facing the problem try numerous methods such as magical hair restoration potions to wigs and hair extensions. With the advancement in the technology now you can restore your lost or thinning follicles. hair transplant is a popular surgical procedure which is effective in treating male pattern baldness, scarring, and facial reconstruction efforts as well.


Platinum Equity


Tom Gores, according to people who’ve done deals with his firm, Platinum Equity, is very, very good. “Platinum is the most competent, best private equity firm I’ve ever seen,” said Paul Brown, vice president of capital markets for the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Robert Joubran, partner, is responsible for its mergers and acquisitions transition and integration functions for newly acquired companies. He also oversees all treasury activities at Platinum Equity’s corporate entity. He joined Platinum in 1996 from a position as vice president of sales for Banyan Systems. “Following two years of complex international restructuring AEES is now thriving as a profitable, growing business. Combining with PKC is a logical and exciting next step,” said Rob Joubran, partner at Platinum Equity. “We are proud of the role Platinum Equity has played in establishing AEES as a leader in North America and look forward to continuing on with the organization as a shareholder.”   Robert Joubran’s wife, Annie Joubran is also a partner at Platinum Equity.

The state agency turned to Platinum when it was looking for investors to save the Four Winns boat manufacturing business in Cadillac, after the owner declared bankruptcy.  “Platinum absolutely saved the company and the jobs in Michigan,” Brown said. Salvaging troubled companies has become the stock in trade for Gores. But Platinum doesn’t operate like turnaround firms that snap up troubled companies, strip off some valuable assets to sell and scrap the rest, all while paying themselves big fees as the wrecking crew.  Instead, Platinum identifies foundering firms that, through mismanagement or failed strategies, have swamped their solid core businesses, but can be restructured to make a profit. Then Gores inserts Platinum’s management expertise to put the business back in the black and enjoy the string of profits.
The approach combines value investing, distressed assets, financial turnaround and management consulting into a process Gores has trademarked as “M&A&O” — Mergers, Acquisitions and Operations.  “They’re good negotiators,” said Todd Jadwin, senior managing director in the Los Angeles office of Houlihan Capital. “They’re very good at getting a good price. Most value players are good at that. But one of (the) things Platinum is known for is inserting strong management capabilities into companies, not just making a financial investment. They’re very much about turning companies around. That’s kind of their forte.”  Strong gets stronger



Stabilizing Orthotics

I did the Foot Levelers orthotics thing some years back. I still have them and have used them constantly with complete satisfaction. They are a great combination of matching paperweights and conversation starters. I put them right up there with Popiel’s Pocket Fisherman (although I hear you can really catch fish with the PF. They fit in any of my shoes, running, cycling, walking, sleeping, you name it. They also did work fairly well in my ski boots.

The money that  you will spend is worth it, because it is cheaper than surgery, and less painful than the injections ,which didn’t help. The stabilizing orthotics did help me. They were not uncomfortable and I hardly knew they were in my shoes. They do raise the foot at the heel ,but it caused no problem for me.

I tried every sort of expensive and inexpensive shoe that was available at the time, some with significant padding that included gel, air, or liquid under the forefoot *and* the heel areas. Basically there was no difference. If you’re going for an insole rather than a custom orthotic the best one around is made by Foot Levelers. They make special inserts for different shoes and different sports.  I use their Casual Intense Comfort in my casual shoes.

I would also not be able to race and  train without my stabilizing orthotics.  I train and race with my orthotics and have no problem with them sliding around once my foot becomes accustomed to them. With the heel cupped firmly, and the shoe laced and pulled up tight, my foot stays firmly in the stabilizing orthotics and the orthotic rides with my heel. They  are tremendously useful and highly recommend them.



Elder Care Portland

I just thought I would post some information for people who have older parents to care for. I think the elderly people need more of our company. They have contributed all their life to ourselves and the society, they should be well cared! My mom has set a good example for me, she takes good care of my grandparents. My cousins too are a good example. When their parents asked them if they can get home care for them and for their grandmother, right away, they searched online for the best home care in Portland.

My cousins were able to find Elder Care Portland company for their parents and grandmother in greater Portland area. They said that they are happy with their service. At Your Home Care, LLC has been caring for clients for over thirteen years in their homes. They have been using At Your Home Care, LLC for about 2 years, 24/7. It was quite pricey but a godsend since my cousins are 1000 miles away from their parents and grandmother, and they needed the care longterm.  They also help the elders on how to use the internet, and how to email photos to family members. Many elders are barely computer literate, but know they’re not using them efficiently or correctly. The elderly also tend to dislike nursing homes. My great-grandmother lived till 84 or so, unable to walk or do daily activities, without ever being in a home and preferred her caretaker over a nursing home.

The older people are not only a treasury of experience, custom, living culture of this world, but also a glue to connect family member/the next generation. Imagine that once your grandparents passed away, the home-away members who are residing in another places would rarely come home to visit you and your parents. We have to be filial! Everyone can be old, so try your best to take care of the elderly people! Spend your weekend with them, listen to them, chat your life story with them…If you are not by their side, call them as often as you can, also don’t forget to go home and visit them!



Store Locations

Sometimes we would just like to find the nearest store or service that we can go to. We may be in need of a product or in need of some kind of service like delivery or food service. It would be easier to locate the stores online before going to them. Knowing where to go will save a lot of time like if we need Wells Fargo locations, we could go directly to their nearest building instead of trying to remember the nearest one and ending up going to a location that is farther.

Answering Service

Businesses providing products and services need ways for the customers or consumers to contact them. Aside from people going to the actual store, people can usually call the store or business to inquire, order or transact with them. Having a conversation with a representative of a company is faster especially if there is a need for the product with certain features. There are different companies offering services that allow people to know about the products or services a business has to offer. There is also the answering service at can represent a company and allow people to know more about the offers or features of a product. Having a good answering service represent the company can move the company closer to the people.

Audio Conferencing

Communication between colleagues, business partners and other co-workers is important especially when a deal is being done where services or products should be ready and answers given to customers should be up to date. It is better to have some kind of communication with those who are handling key services to give a frontliner the edge when doing a sale or closing a deal. There may be times when there is a need to hold meetings even when not all of the personnel concerned is present at the office. He or she can be present through video or audio conferencing service. People at the office can give the person in the field an update of what is being done in the office and if there are things that are not available or cannot be used. With the right information, the person in the field can make the right decisions and even consult with the manager or supervisor while checking on the availability of the products and services.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Taking care of our health is one of our priorities but there are lots of times that we forget about exercise and do different activities. There are also people who try to take care of themselves but end up doing too much. Doctors prescribe drugs to get us back to health but somehow there are those who end up with prescription drug abuse addiction. There may have been some kind of problem the person was facing or some situation where the person thinks the drugs are still needed but whatever it is it has to be cured. Professional help is needed to cure the addiction and also help take care or get over the cause. It would help straighten out the person’s life and get back on track.