In-home Non Medical Caregiver Service

I have been at my Mom in law’s house on two occasions while and it’s true that I don’t have a lot of experience with different caregivers. We went online and found and I can’t say enough good things about the  in-home non medical caregiver we hired. The care she has provided to my mother in  law, since she fell and fractured her arm and hip a few months ago. I would imagine the caregiver is as good as it gets.

She is not only extremely energetic (I imagine 2 words most people would use to describe her would be High – Energy), and strong (looking at her arm muscles you get the feeling she could do a good job of catching your loved one if they were to start falling), but she is also extremely kind and patient.  And FULL of praise! She always makes sure to say good things about my mother in law’s progress, and gives suggestions on how to make changes, in nice ways. Willing to do everything required for my mother-in-law to be comfortable, and if an unexpected situation happened, she was there immediately.

I have a negative perception of anything that have the word “hospice” in it, since I learned that some hospice drugs can actually accelerate a person’s death (just in a nice, “peaceful way”). I work with a lot of very ill people, for a living, and am often warning people that when doctors suggest hospice care for their loved ones, they better look up all the medications and know what is being administered, because I think sometimes it is not clear to every person that certain hospice drugs can cause organ failure (please note I have NO experience with how they handle this aspect of hospice care – your loved ones hospice could very well inform the families of every detail – I can’t comment on this aspect since my mother is not in hospice care).

My mother just needed physical therapy and caregiving (NOT hospice drugs – as the word hospice may imply) and she is making great strides, and her caregiver has really been helping her.  My mom in law
has also been drinking Kangen water (full of antioxidants) and doing PEMF (they’ve been using our Bemer PEMF machine, which is known to heal bone). Everyone in the family is pitching in to help her get back on track, and I have no doubt that the caregiver’s guidance and positive affirmations have been helping my mother in law to heal.  She is great at finding out my mom’s needs and made us feel comfortable that everything went smoothly. She is also great in making my mother feel like she’s in charge.

It takes a really special kind of person to do what the caregiver does, for a living, and I am very grateful that she has decided to go into this profession. Care from the Heart is very fortunate to have her! Amazing company!  My experience with them has been nothing shy of wonderful.  All of their staff have been friendly, professional, and caring to my situation. They are very well-known in the community as one of the top Home Care companies.  I have referred many families to them and it doesn’t surprise me when I hear about their raving reviews of this company. If my own Mom ever fell, the same caregiver would absolutely be the person I’d want to help take care of my Mom. Unfortunately she lives in another state, so I am just going to have to remain hopeful that she will never, ever fall and need physical therapy… or hope that the caregiver might find a way to clone herself, and set up  in multiple states : D

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