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Acne isn’t really very uncommon. It occurs to about 90% of all adolescents around the world and stretches its effects up to adulthood. Despite this, its degrading outcome to our self-esteem is still persistent. That is why acne treatments have began to grow in number since the past decade. Different techniques of curing acne are continually being developed. With these continues developments and improvisations of products, methods and techniques, anti-acne technology will be sure to deliver much more efficient and permanent cure to acne.

Treating Acne

For most teenagers, undergoing developmental changes, whether physical or emotional, isn’t such a good experience. One may feel insecure or conscious about it, especially if that one thing you are being conscious about is right in your face—acne.

The blockage of our follicles causes acne. And due to this blockage, sebum, the oily substance produced naturally in our skin, together with dead skin cells make it worse by creating a plug that further enlarges the pimple. Having pimples or acne can also be hereditary; this along with other serious cases of it should be consulted with a doctor. But simple measures to avoid having acne can be done for mild cases of it For example; applying the juice extracted from garlic is effective in lessening acne’s number. Also, using mashed papaya as a facial masked cures acne and prevents future breakouts. But above these treatments, proper hygiene is still the easiest and the best way of curing any skin problem.