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Your Own Gym

A lot of us would like to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Maybe it’s just that we have different interests in food and of course would also prefer to relax a bit and watch our favorite movies at home. But maybe we can still keep fit even when we’re in our homes by getting some fitness equipment and creating home gyms. If we have our own equipment, we can also design the room in such a way that we can still enjoy our music or movies while running on the treadmill or lifting some weights. There may come a time that we begin to get used to our training that we can slowly give up some of those things that are not needed by our bodies like junk food.

On Women’s Sport

women sportActive women face unique risks. Women are 2 to 10 times more likely than men to suffer knee injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which helps link your upper and lower leg bones. Among the highest-risk sports are: basketball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and skiing. Loose knee joints and other differences between the male and female body may add to the risk, along with hormone levels. Stress fractures, kneecap pain and foot problems are also more common in females.

One threat unique to women is the ‘female athlete triad’, a condition marked by eating disorders, amenorrhea (missed periods) and osteoporosis. Any female athlete is at risk for the triad. However, it is most common in runners, ballerinas, gymnasts and figure skaters, whose sports focus more on the appearance and weight.

The female athlete triad starts with nutritional issues. An active woman may cut back on calories to lose weight, or she may burn more calories exercising than she’s taking in. This creates a calories deficit that affects total body fat and subsequently, the reproductive system, leading to low estrogen levels and missed periods.

It is indeed good to exercise and be physically active for women, but at the same time injury can be a risk. Getting expert advice on how to prevent and manage these unique risks is necessary to make sure that proper care is given with every activity you get your self into.

Will Sports Supplements Give Me an Edge

athleteSports supplements abound, but most have not been proven to boost performance. Amino acids don’t appear to build muscle any better than the more balanced protein in food. Skip the protein powders, too. Serious athletes need slightly more protein than others, but most people get plenty of protein from food. Chromium picolinate, is touted for muscle building too, but the research is unclear.

Creatine, found in meat, fish and poultry, is also made in the body from amino acids. A few studies show that it improves performance in activities like sprinting and jumping, which requires short bursts of energy. But it won’t help recreational exercisers or endurance athletes.

Bottom line: Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete, your best performance comes from eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids.